Accessibility for people with disabilities
and/or with reduced mobility

Our establishment is not designed to accept people with reduced mobility and wheelchairs. We do not have an elevator or lifting platform, no adapted toilets in the common areas, but a lot of stairs. However, we strive to welcome and guide people with a slight disability in order to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

We have rooms on the ground floor, and we can offer more suitable tables for the restaurant and breakfast.

We offer customers at the reception, a telephone with large buttons, a remote control with large buttons and a vibrating and luminous alarm clock. In addition, we are pleased to inform you that a person from the Management has a confirmed beginner level of L.S.F (French Sign Language). She will be happy to apply this knowledge.

Sustainable development

1/ Change behavior

The concept of Sustainable Development can be summed up today in a simple sentence: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs”. (1987 – Mrs. Gro Harlem Bruntland, former Prime Minister of Norway.)

By adopting an eco-responsible behavior, we promote sustainable development, which is why, at the hotel Le Christiania, we have taken the following measures:

2/ Use of water

Water is precious, our establishment is equipped with water savers, and we recommend that you do not let it run unnecessarily, and follow the instructions given for washing towels in order to respect the natural resources of the mountain. Our hot water is provided by geothermal energy.

3/ Energy & heating

In our establishment, the windows and patio doors of the rooms are equipped with contactors which cut off the heating when they are open. Part of our establishment is heated by geothermal energy. The switches in the corridors and common toilets are equipped with timers. We recommend that you turn off the lights when you leave a room and/or your bedroom.

4/ Selective sorting

We make our customers aware of selective sorting.

At reception: You can drop off toxic waste (batteries, bulbs, ink cartridges). Because we then drop them off at the recycling center.

Please note, for your information, that we also recycle cardboard, paper and that we make compost. The entire Christiania team is involved in selective sorting.

5/ Fair Trade

We offer quality products to our customers, by buying products from our region, we promote the preservation and enhancement of local cultures and knowledge, we support producers and strengthen their organization. We also promote the reduction of greenhouse gas pollution.

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